Alexis Good, 19

Q: How do you fit the Valley Girl description?
A: I think I fit it pretty well because I only get dressed up when I know I’m going somewhere important.  If not, I just dress comfortably.

Q: Style icon?
A: Kourtney Kardashian

Q: Beauty essentials?
A: Falsies flared mascara, eyeliner, straightener, hairspray, Victoria’s Secret perfume

Q: Addicted to buying…
A: Sweaters and headbands

Q: Last item purchased?
A: A cut-out summer dress on sale

Q: Browsing stores for what item?
A: Jeans and some cute shirts to go back to school with

Q: Where do you get your style/fashion knowledge from?
A: Magazines and online shopping

Q: Go-to piece for when you “don’t have anything to wear”
A: V-necks

Q: Never leave home without…
A: Vera Bradley wristlet

Q: Fashion trend you wish you never followed?
A: Graphic tees

Wearing today: American Eagle jeans, Forever 21 top, Rampage peacoat and booties, local boutique bag


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