Taylor Reilly, 18

Q: How do you fit the Valley Girl description?
A: I dress in like a dress-up, casual look because you don’t see people walking around in stilettos everyday.  Whatever I wear has to be appropriate to every location.

Q: Most prominent color in wardrobe?
A: Purple

Q: Addicted to buying?
A: Jackets

Q: Store you can always find something in?
A: Old Navy

Q: Your style in one word/phrase
A: Preppy-bohemian, a blend of the two

Q: Go to piece(s) for when you “don’t have anything to wear”
A: TOMS, capris and a flowy white top with colorful jewelry

Q: Signature scent
A: Bohemian by American Eagle

Q: Style icon(s)
A: Whitney Port, Kate Middleton, Selena Gomez

Q: Where do you get your style/fashion knowledge from?
A: My moms advice and Pinterest

Q: Fashion trend you wish you never followed?
A: Graphic tees with huge logos

Wearing now:  American Eagle sundress and shirt, Journeys shoes, Bonton shoulder bag, boutique and farmers market jewelry


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