Monday Must Have: Military Must

This weekend I finally had the chance to sit down and read through my stack of fall magazines. I’ve been dying to peek inside but haven’t even had the chance to flip through until this weekend. I read through Seventeen, Teen Vogue and Glamour and all three had fall trend updates. The trend that stuck out to me the most was the military inspired look. They had so many different options but the one that I thought would work best in the Valley was the jacket.

I have a fall trench that I absolutely love but I think I could use another fall coat to mix things up a bit. The military inspired look is where I am heading. So, military jackets are what I am shopping for. After looking through every online catalogue I could find, the three below are the styles that caught my eye. Where do you suggest?

Image Image Image

Delias, $63.50                        Urban Outfitters, $78.00              Fossil, $168


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