Monday Must Have: Leather Lovin

Image          Image Image
First off, sorry this post is a little late for my usual Monday Must. I was super busy today and got completely wrapped up in all things school. #busybee #collegegirlprobs

But, this is an important post because I need help deciding if I should invest in a leather jacket. I know I am going to be super picky when it comes to leather because I don’t want the usual rocker chick jacket. That is not my style at all and I would look way too much like my sister. I’m looking for a more casual style like the one above from Free People, only problem is is that it’s about $1,000 out of my budget. I love how casual it is and it looks super comfy. I love the fact that it’s green too because it makes it look less intense than if it were black or charcoal. Bonus is that it has a hood which I can always use since it rains every other day on campus. I am open to suggestions as to where to find an affordable, casual, leather jacket for my daily happenings in the Valley.


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