Makeup Madness!

I have very exciting news to announce! My roommate, Alexa, will be joining the Valley Girl team in January with special makeup posts for all your makeup questions and tips. A Valley Girl herself, she understands the style of the Valley and our comfortable, casual lifestyle. As a makeup marvel, she has taught me a number of tricks already that I know would help any girl out there, Valley resident or not.

Leave some comments with what you would like to see! She already has so many ideas that I know you girls will love. I’m so excited for her to get started!

I wanted to incorporate a little makeup madness into a post before she arrives with all her fun information. Every girl should own a stylish makeup bag. Yes, the most important stuff is tucked away inside, but you want to give it a good vibe from the outside too. I look at it like a purse, all of your belongings hide away inside, but you want them to live in a stylish hideaway, just like your makeup! Here are a few bags I think are good picks for anyone.

Image Image Image
Fossil, $75                               J.Crew, $25                   Sephora, $15


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