Monday Must Have: Luscious Leather

Image Image Image
In my mind, I think leather and I think of my sister. She would describer herself as a grunge goddess with all things leather she either owns or wants. We have a completely different style – she is a grunge, rocker, alternative girl while I am more feminine and flirty with the bows I incorporate into every outfit. While me in a leather jacket is probably hard for most to picture, me in a leather, a-line skirt is easier, for most, to imagine. I saw one pictured on a blog a few days ago and I fell in love. I always counted leather out of my wardrobe but I think this is one piece that wouldn’t look completely ridiculous. Celebrities like Kristin Cavallari, Emma Roberts and Shenae Grimes all look flirty and delicate in their leather bottoms. If they can try it, why can’t I?

Here are a few styles I found and what I’m looking to throw in a shopping bag, or have Santa bring for under the tree. What do you think about this leather look?

Image Image Image
Bloomingdales, $209.40         Urban Outfitters, $90           Forever21, $19.80


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