Patched Elbows

Hi everyone! So sorry I haven’t blogged since the last Valley Girl post! I started my first week of the spring semester on Monday and with meetings and classes I have just been booked! Don’t worry though, I am back and track and will have new posts coming next week! My roommate, Alexa is going to be bringing makeup tips and tricks and I will be posting more about my personal style, with outfit updates once a week! I am so excited to bring these new features right at the one year anniversary of Valley Girl Blog! Stay tuned!

One trend I have been into this fall/winter are elbow patched sleeves. I pointed out a few to my mom recently and she thinks it is so funny shops are bringing back styles that she wore at my age. I wish she kept some of her sweaters from back then so I could wear them now! Oh well though. I did find a few styles that caught my eye. Check them out:

Image Image Image
Urban Outfitters, $59                ASOS, $38.70                      Nordstrom, $59.97


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