Wardrobe Wednesday: Kate Spade Gloves


The new Valley Girl feature is finally here! After reading endless amounts of blogs and seeing the features that other bloggers use (check out the blog roll) on a daily or weekly basis I thought it was time to add something fresh. So many blogs feature daily outfits of the same girl. I like how each week Valley Girl features a different style, to get a feel of real Valley style. It’s always different!

But, I thought it was time I would add something else. Obviously, each Saturday will still be a new Valley Girl feature but beginning today, every Wednesday I will post my personal style.

This week is dedicated to the tech savvy Kate Spade gloves I received for Christmas. Normally, bright colors aren’t a part of my color scheme. I rarely wear brights and usually stick with neutrals. These gloves are awesome though! While most iPhone swipe gloves have different thumb and pointer finger tips, Kate Spade successfully blended the technology with the original color of the gloves. I always get frustrated trying to text with freezing finger tips or gloves that just don’t do the trick. These were the perfect solution.



Wearing now: Delia’s coat (old) – American Eagle jeans – Target boots (similar here) – Love, Want, Wear infinity scarfKate Spade gloves


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