Wardrobe Wednesday: Comfy Snow Day


This weekend in the Valley we were on snow patrol. It’s weird thinking about how last year at this time our only snowfall was the weekend of Halloween and now it seems like we’ve had snow every week since Christmas. I love the snow though. Most people think I’m insane for saying that because snow is such a hassle. But it’s just so pretty that I think I let that slide.

I had to take photos of a weather event for my photography class so I thought I would squeeze in a few outfit pictures while I was at Kirby Park. I was so jealous of all the kids sledding and building snowmen. I wish I was still 10 and able to climb up and down the hill a hundred times without feeling completely sore the next day.

For the snowy afternoon I chose a comfy outfit and accessorized with my sisters infinity scarf and my go-to sunglasses from Aerie.Image




Wearing now: Gap sweater (old), American Eagle jeans, Target boots (similar here), Love,Want,Wear infinity scarf, Aerie sunglasses (similar here), LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s earrings (similar here)


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