Fall Fever

Image Image Image
H&M                                    Zara                                    Madewell

Fall means many things for different people. There are some who obsess over the new coffee flavors at Starbucks and Dunkin. There are some who adore Halloween and altering their wardrobe for a day so they can live the life of Lady Gaga or a superhero. Or there are people, like me, who think fall and think a new wardrobe for a few months. Fall to me means storing away those jean shorts and sandals and making room for long pants and booties.

This fall I am vowing to myself to venture away from regular old blue jeans. I have my black skinnies that I cherish, my go-to blue jeans and my dark-wash cords but I need more variety and fall is giving me the perfect opportunity. I am on the hunt to expand parts of my wardrobe this fall. The best part about the pieces I’m looking to buy is that they will last me until springtime when it’s time to change out my clothes once again.

Take a look at the three styles I picked above. H&M, Zara and Madewell have an awesome selection of different colors and washes of jeans. Look out for new styles in my upcoming posts!


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