Beautiful Lengths


Well, well, well, look who’s back! I know I have been slightly MIA on posts lately but I thought this would be a good reason to make a come back. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I wanted to highlight a grand donation that takes a ton of courage.

For the second time in her life, Summer McDonnell decided to donate the majority of her hair to Locks of Love. The requirement length to donate a medium sized wig is six inches and 10 inches for a large one. She was able to donate one of each for a total of 16 inches. It only took four snippings (more like sawings because her hair is so thick!) for her hair to lay on a table instead of on her back. Before the appointment earlier this month she joked that she needed it cut so that she wouldn’t sit on it anymore, or get strangled by it in her sleep. We did say that it would make a nice scarf for the winter time (we were able to wrap it around her neck two and a half times!).

Two and a half years ago she donated 10 inches and hasn’t had a hair cut since. She says after the initial 10 inches she knew this is something she’d like to do again. “Once I saw how fast it grew back I knew I wanted to do it again,” she said. “I’d still like to donate at least once more.”

Summer made the donation through Shakti Salon in Kingston. She was happy with her decision and excited to shed some of the weight this hair had. “I was just really happy,” she said. “Happy to be helping someone else and happy to just get rid of the hair. There was just too much of it. It was almost becoming unmanageable.”

If you’re looking to donate like Summer did, visit Pantene or Locks of Love to learn more about the requirements and how to’s. You can donate on your own or donate through a salon like Summer did. Either way you’re supporting a great cause. According to the Pantene website, more than 500,000 ponytails have been donated and that number is only growing!

LocksofLove2 LocksofLove3

We had to take some snapshots before the cutting took place!


The initial cut! The stylist had to split Summer’s hair into two sections and then split both into six and 10 inch sections in order to keep the donations separate.


Ta-da! 16 inches later!

LocksofLove8 LocksofLove9


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