Gina Maria Manganiello, 26


Q: How does your style fit in with the styles of the Valley?
A: I’m very simple. I wear what feels comfortable to me. The weather changes so fast here I always keep rain boots, a t-shirt and a jacket in my car. You never know, it could be mid December and 60 degrees.

Q: Where do you get your style or fashion knowledge from?
A: Pinterest – I’m not a girly girl. I like to be covered and comfortable, a mixture of an athlete and a hippie.

Q: Your style in one word or phrase?
A: Hippie yogi

Q: Signature scent?
A: Nag champa – it’s an oil. I don’t like things that are too overpowering and this one is perfect.

Q: Addicted to buying?
A: Socks – I love big, comfy, crazy colored socks

Q: Top three wardrobe staples?
A: Black leggings, funky socks and my hamsa bracelet

Q: Most prominent color in your wardrobe?
A: Black

Q: An item you’d love to splurge on if you had the money to do so?
A: Innerfire or Lululemon yoga pants

Q: Fashion pet peeve?
A: UGG boots. They are so ugly and the way they make them makes them even more ugly.

Q: Fashion trend you wish you never followed?
A: Last year I bought some of those high waisted shorts, most uncomfortable things I’ve ever worn.

Wearing now: Jockey leggings, NearMe yoga shirt, Cabela’s Chooka rain boots, Hamsa bracelet, Lokai bracelet


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