Lexi Biscotto, 17


Q: How does your style fit in with the styles of the Valley?
A: I think I add a little bit of trends from the Valley into my wardrobe but still also add pieces of my own style as well.

Q: Style icon?
A: I’d say Rihanna – she has a kind of classy punk look that I really like.

Q: Top three wardrobe staples?
A: Black jeans, oversized t-shirts and quarter sip sweatshirts

Q: Store you can always find something in?
A: It’s impossible to not find something in Forever 21.

Q: An item you’d love to splurge on if you had the money to do so?
A: Really expensive make up

Q: Beauty essential?
A: Maybelline matte lipstick – it’s only $8 and it lasts throughout my seven hour work shifts, which is pure gold.

Q: Signature scent?
A: Jimmy Choo original

Q: Fashion pet peeve?
A: Nice outfits with athletic sneakers

Q: Trend you want to try?
A: I don’t have a pair of lace up sandals, so I’m hoping to try that out this summer.

Q: Fashion trend you wish you never followed?
A: In middle school when I used to completely unbutton my polos and expose my cami underneath – that was a scary sight.

Wearing now: Kohl’s sweater, Forever 21 shirt, Aerie leggings, Converse


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