#MCM Joel Dorman, 23


Q: How does your style fit in with the styles of the Valley?
A: The Valley has a pretty eclectic mix of different styles in general, so I would say that some of the clothes I decide to wear fit in with that and others are a bit different.

Q: Style icon
A: Russell Westbrook and Paul George (I would never have the courage to actually dress like them unless I also was a rich professional basketball player…)

Q: Where do you get your style/fashion knowledge from?
A: I basically just try to observe what other people are wearing around me and then pick out things that I find on my own and like.  I haven’t really ever read any blogs or followed fashion social media accounts.

Q: Your style in one word/phrase
A: Comfortable

Q: Top three wardrobe staples
A: Vans/Clarks, goofy socks, Nixon watch

Q: Addicted to buying
A: Socks, Vans/Sneakers, crewnecks

Q: Store you can always find something in?
A: Banana Republic or Gap

Q: An item you would love to splurge on if money weren’t a concern?
A: The new Nike Kobe XI Elite Low’s or a new Nixon watch

Q: Most prominent color in your wardrobe?
A: Blue

Q: Signature scent
A: Anything Polo pretty much

Wearing now: Banana Republic button down and jeans, Nixon watch, Clarks shoes, Claiborne eyeglasses



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