#MCM Matt Green, 23


Q: How does your style fit in with the styles of the Valley?
A: It’s tough because I feel like everybody sort of just does their own thing around here. There’s not a lot of “Valley trends”, which I actually like because it lets people be themselves.

Q: Where do you get your style or fashion knowledge from?
A: Growing up it was from magazines like GQ and Men’s Health, but now social media is pretty awesome and inspirational by seeing thousands of people’s individual styles all on your phone.

Q: Your style in one word or phrase?
A: Trainer meets trendy

Q: Top three wardrobe staples?
A: A great watch, a well-fitted button down and a classic plain black t-shirt

Q: Addicted to buying?
A: Watches and colognes

Q: Store you can always find something in?
A: Banana Republic and J. Crew

Q: An item you’d love to splurge on if you had the money to do so?
A: I really like simple things, so honestly I would probably just buy some higher end Tom Ford colognes or watches.

Q: Fashion pet peeve?
A: Guys who wear clothes that are too baggy from head to toe. You don’t have to wear high end clothes to look your best. Clothes that fit and compliment your body go a long way no matter where they’re from.

Q: Trend you want to try?
A: I always wanted to do the platinum-blonde hair color…maybe one day.

Q: Fashion trend you wish you never followed?
A: The camouflage cargo shorts era – yikes

Wearing now: Banana Republic shirt and shorts, Reef flip flops, MVMT watch


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