#MCM Tim Seigfried, 34


Q: How does your style fit in with the styles of the Valley?
A: I try to be as pragmatic as possible. You can experience all four seasons over the course of a day, so you need to dress for at least two of them. My go-to during the week is usually jeans and a button down. It’s professional and comfortable, and you can walk around without getting weird looks from people. In the summer, I’ll opt for shorts. A guy’s gotta be comfortable, you know? Also, I never want to look at what I’m wearing now and go “what was I thinking?,” not unlike I do for my 20s.

Q: Style icon?
A: Jim from “The Office,” but if he had shorter hair and was less handsome.

Q: Where do you get your style/fashion knowledge from?
A: I have a sort of “I’ll know it when I see it” approach to not looking like a slob. TV, blogs, mannequins, random people on the street who look like they know what they are doing, whatever.

Q: Your style in one word/phrase?
A: “If it looks like you are trying, do something else.”

Q: Addicted to buying?
A: V-neck t-shirts

Q: Most prominent color in your wardrobe?
A: Gray

Q: Store you can always find something in?
A: Old Navy

Q: An item you would love to splurge on if money weren’t a concern?
A: A nice blazer. Like, a really fancy one. The kind an NFL player would wear during a post-game press conference. Yeah.

Q: Fashion pet peeve?
A: Guys who wear dress shirts with the top button buttoned but without a tie. And indoor scarves.

Q: Fashion trend you wish you never followed?
A: Pretty much anything I wore during the late 90s to mid 2000s.

Wearing now: Levi’s jeans, Express shirt and blazer, Stacy Adams shoes, Fossil watch


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