Lily Amadio, 21


Q: How does your style fit in with the styles of the Valley?
Q: I’d say my style fits in pretty well. I️ live in Michigan most of the year so I️’m used to dressing for the cold and crazy weather changes.

Q: Style icon?
A: As much as I️ can’t stand the Kardashians, I️ do really like the way they dress.

Q: Where do you get your style or fashion knowledge from?
A: I️ get my fashion knowledge from my mom and my sister.

Q: Top three wardrobe staples?
A: Black Doc Martens, black ripped jeans and black Lululemon leggings

Q: Beauty essentials?
A: Definitely my beauty blender, eyebrow pencil and mascara

Q: Signature scent?
A: Not sure I have one, but I’m currently into Clinique Happy

Q: Addicted to buying?
A: Shoes

Q: An item you would love to splurge on if money weren’t a concern?
A: I️ would love to splurge on Gucci slip-ons if money weren’t an issue.

Q: Trend you’d like to try?
A: Probably overalls – not sure if that’s a trend, but I’m currently trying to find a cool pair.

Wearing now: Target jacket, American Eagle Outfitters jeans, JCPenney booties, Kohl’s hat and scarf


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