Valley Girls love showing their unique style and learning about current trends around the fashion world. But, being stuck in the Valley can put a damper on those big town dreams. Originally from the Wyoming Valley in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Valley Girls know how to show their personal style even in a small area. After flipping through magazines, devouring different blogs and learning everything they can from the fashion world, the Valley Girl puts her own twist on her wardrobe. There are so many trends that go unseen, but the Valley Girl is here to give her style a voice.

I started this blog to channel my overflowing ideas and create a site where viewers can see real life Valley Girls. Even though everyone says how the Valley is too small for real style and does not offer any room to grow, the girls featured on ValleyGirlBlog shine no matter what zip code comes after their name.

For those interested in my personal style there are only three things you need to know. Bows are a necessity for any outfit I put together. Comfort is key and I take that into consideration every time I pull things from my closet or from the shelves of my favorite stores. Feminine flare is a must when I’m accessorizing my daily ensembles. But, this blog is not just about me. It’s an outlet to showcase different styles within our small Valley and how important fashion is, no matter where you reside.


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